Giải đề IELTS WRITING TASK 2: Public museums and galleries will not be needed?

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It is believed that the digital age enables people to freely access historical artifacts and artwork, removing the necessity of public museums and art galleries in the future. I oppose this belief for the two following reasons.

Firstly, unlike computers that limit people’s experience to sight and sound, museums and galleries engage all senses of their visitors. That is, even though web users can view objects in three dimensions and listen to pre-recorded voice description, it is more enjoyable to immerse themselves in the authentic and artistic ambiance provided by museums and galleries. For example, visitors have a chance to take photos with lifesize dinosaur skeletons, walk through a historic house where famous people used to live, listen to a guide entertaining guests with random facts and funny jokes, touch a war tank and see how glass sculptures glow with light against the dark. Such experiences cannot be replicated by clicking through images on a website.

Secondly, genuine social interaction comes from visiting museums and art galleries rather than looking at collections online. In other words, when people attend an exhibition, they can initiate a conversation with interpreters, tour guides, curators, artists, and other visitors, being able to discuss their ideas about history and the arts with people who share the same interest. In fact, museums and art galleries are the ideal venues for teaching, learning and family gatherings because they offer diverse programs that encourage group participation in hands-on activities and facilitate peer interaction, which is more interesting than an isolated experience behind a computer screen.

In conclusion, I think technological inventions cannot replace established institutions such as museums and art galleries in fostering people’s involvement in and appreciation for historical relics and works of art.

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