Sample answer for IELTS Writing Task 2: Animals for food or animal products

Cả nhà mình đã “vật lộn” xong với bài viết về chủ đề – *sử dụng động vật cho thức ăn và các loại sản phẩm khác* – chưa nè? Arrowenglish gửi đến cả nhà BÀI MẪU SIÊU XỊN SÒ của cô Nữ đây!

It is believed that contemporary society has no need for comsumer goods that contain animal-derived elements, cluding food items, clothes and pharmaceutical drugs. I completely support this belief for two following reasons.

First, the range of recipes for a healthy vegan diet has continued to expand, eliminating the demand for animal-based products. To be specific, it is now acknowledged by many healthcare organizations around the world that all human dietary needs can be supplied by plant foods such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and so on. In fact, this kind of diet is deemed better for human health than the consumption of animal foods which have been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Additionally, more and more options for vegans in restaurants and supermarkets are being offered so that consumers can stop relying on meat and other animal-based food sources.

Second, humans do not need to slaughter animals for clothing and medicine because the alternatives are readily available thanks to technological advancement. For one thing, instead of wearing clothes or shoes made out of animals’ skins or feathers, people can now use synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and cotton, and needless to say, these materials are more durable and can be recycled to protect the environment. Similarly, it is also possible to manufacture drugs that are free from animal ingredients by replacing them with plant-derived or chemical compounds. The use of plants for medical treatments has proved effective throughout human history and continues to be widely practiced today, which further removes the necessity for the exploitation of animals.

In conclusion, I agree that there is no reason for human beings nowadays to make use of animal-based product in the food, clothing and medicine industries.


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