Bài viết mẫu IELTS Task 2 chủ đề: Social media

Cả nhà đã thử sức với đề thi luận task 2 mà ad đã đăng hôm trước chưa nè? Giờ mình cùng xem qua bài tham khảo ‘có 1 không 2’ do chính giáo viên đang giảng dạy môn Viết tại trung tâm nhé. Cô chọn hướng phát điển đơn giản, và từ vựng gần gũi để tất cả đều có thể hiểu và áp dụng vào bài viết của riêng mình.

The use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is replacing face-to-face contact in people’s everyday lives. Do you think the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

Real-life interaction is losing grounds to virtual communication via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in humans’ daily lives. Although obvious benefits of this development exists, its drawbacks seem to be greater.

In terms of merits, the widespread use of social media plaforms ensures faster and more efficient connectivity compared to face-to-face conversations. Never has the act of exchanging ideas and information among people, especially those who are geographically separated, been made easier thanks to special features available on these sites, for example, voice calling and video chatting. This kind of interaction is most valuable to the business community since they do not have to waste time and money on commuting long distances to connect and negotiate with clients, customers or partners in person.

However, the greater reliance on social media outlets for keeping contact may have more unfortunate aspects. One downside of this trend is the potential loss of conversational skills. Not only will people lose interest in talking to one another while being physically near, but they will no longer be able to properly understand what other interlocutors are trying to convey in the real world. For instance, they cannot recognize non-verbal signals to decipher messages delivered in person, thus struggling to form emotional bonds and maintain relationships. Another pitfall concerns cyber bullying. That is, without face-to-face encounters, it is easy for some individuals to say things that they would not normally say, and therefore, threats, intimidation messages are rumors emerge on networking sites to terrorize naive and vulnerable beings. One specific example is the Blue Whale Suicide Game in Russia, which is believed to involve a social media group that pressured youngsters into killling themselves after 50 days.

In conclusion, substituting real-life conversations for online interaction through such sites as Facebook and Twitter appears to have more demerits; hence, careful consideration should be made to minimize the undesirable impacts.


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