Bài viết mẫu IELTS Task 2 chủ đề: Manage Money

Tiền không còn là 1 chủ đề xa lạ trong bài thi IELTS nữa vì nó được hỏi khá nhiều trong phần thi nói và viết. Chủ đề này không khó vì nó khá gần gũi với tất cả mọi người, tuy nhiên nếu phải thảo luận về cách quản lý tiền thì đây có thể là 1 vấn đề đau đầu cho những bạn ứng viên IELTS. Arrowenglish đã gửi đến các bạn đề thi cũng như một số gợi ý, bên dưới sẽ là bài viết mẫu dựa trên những gợi ý này.

Sample answer

It is true that a large percentage of students graduate from high school without a sufficient understanding of basic money management practices such as filing their taxes, balancing a check book, or using a credit card properly. This essay aims to discuss the causes and suggest some ways to solve the problem.

There are two main explanations for students’ lack of financial knowledge. First, personal finance is not integrated into the curriculums of most high schools. That is, a strong focus on teaching other core subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry and English, coupled with the assumption that the responsibility of discussing such matter belongs to the parents, has given rise to a young generation incapable of handling their own spending and other monetary aspects. Second, families’ tendency to indulge children and shield them from financial concerns is also a major contributing factor. In other words, not only do overprotective parents believe their offspring are too young to grasp financial affair, but they also readily spend money on fulfilling their kids’ every request and thus create spoiled individuals.
Needless to say, it is necessary to take actions to ensure students are financially literate. One approach is to make completing courses in money management a mandatory requirement for graduation. In this case, teachers can develop useful lesson plans with real-world simulations that enable students to learn how to make practical decisions with their money, covering common topics such as budgeting, banking, and using credit wisely. Another way is to encourage parents to include their kids in budget planning. This meansthat they should openly explain the limits of household income to the youngsters, inform them of any financial hardship the family is facing, and assist them in building their personal savings.
In conclusion, high school leavers understand very little about their financial responsibility for many reasons, but with proper attention and actions, this situation might be avoided.

Word count: 315

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