Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS PART 1: ROBOTS

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1. Do you like robots?

To be honest? No. I used to enjoy watching my younger brother and nephews playing with small size robots; however, ever since I saw a couple of robotic movies in which these intuitive machines develop their own kind of behavior and threaten the lives of other humans, well I must say that not only freaks me out but also puts me off.
2. Did you watch robot movies as a child?

When I was young, my family lived in a small village so we had no access to television, and thus no films or other automation-related products. I spent most of my time listening to radio programs or playing with my neighbors instead.

3. Why are robots part of many TV shows and movies?

I suppose the nature of television programs and films is to reflect reality and depict the future. TV broadcasts these shows to inform us about great invention and advancement so far in terms of building smart machines. Movies aim to prepare us for the influence of artificial intelligence as well as warn us about the possible consequences when these machines get out of control.
4. Would you like a robot to help out around the home?

Definitely no. I can’t imagine waking in the middle just to find out one is standing at my bedside and staring down at me. I know I have a rather wild imagination but what if what is depicted in the movies is true – that one day they might develop a mind of their own and take control over humans.
5. Would you ride in a car driven by a robot?

Even though I’m a bit reluctant, I’d love to give it a try. I believe that automations are superior to humans in terms of driving because they are coded, so they would follow the traffic rules and avoid over-speeding. What’s more? They don’t feel asleep while driving so I can feel safe and give my whole attention to doing the things I like.
6. Will robots somehow replace human beings in the workplace?

I must say that’s an obvious possibility as you can see that certain areas of our workplace have been taken over by these intuitive machines. In fields like automobile production, space exploration, hazardous environment inspection and nursing home assistance, robots have been gradually taking charge.

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