Bài giải IELTS Speaking chủ đề “important letter”

“Một lá thư quan trọng” là lá thư như thế nào? Nó có thể được viết bởi một người quan trọng, hoặc mang đến cho bạn một tin tức quan trọng. Cùng ArrowEnglish tham khảo bài nói sau đây về lá thư báo tin trúng tuyển nhé! Ngoài việc được gợi ý cách trả lời cho đề Speaking tuần này, bạn còn học được nhiều từ vựng liên quan đến “education” và “studying abroad” nữa đấy.

Well, a letter I once received was the offer from the University of Manchester last month, which was very meaningful and exciting for me.

When I decided to study overseas, Manchester was my first choice simply because I am a die-hard fan of Manchester United, and I was dreaming of having a chance to watch a football game at Old Trafford, which is the home court of MU. And so I began the laborious preparation. I collected all the required information, including my undergraduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, my personal statement, my study plan, and some other things. It took me a month to do that, and I realized that studying overseas was not as easy as I thought. After sending my application package, I waited in anxiety.

Then, one day on a weekend, while checking the mails left on our kitchen table, I found my conditional offer from UM. Needless to say how excited it made me; I almost jumped for joy! There were lots of details in this offer, for example schedules, tuition fees, and subjects. I had a strong feeling that my efforts had paid off. Meanwhile, knowing that only when I got an IELTS certificate with a score of 6.5 could I get my full offer, I made up my mind that I would try my best to improve my English as quickly as possible. The letter strongly motivated me and I firmly believe my dream will come true one day.

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