Gợi ý trả lời câu hỏi Part 3 chủ đề Books

Part 3 của IELTS Speaking luôn thử thách thí sinh bằng những câu hỏi khá hóc búa. Với chủ đề Books của tuần này, những ai không có hứng thú lắm với việc đọc sách có thể sẽ gặp ít nhiều khó khăn. ArrowEnglish trợ giúp bạn với một số gợi ý sau đây, bạn hãy cố gắng tạo ra những câu trả lời hoàn chỉnh cho mình nhé!

1. Between young and old people, who like reading books more than the others?

Probably the old.

Young people: occupied with lots of concerns/ numerous forms of entertainment to choose from/ rely more on electronic devices such as computer, mobile phone, and the internet

Old people: often have more free time/ prefer calmness and silence/ less interested in and modern leisure activities (shopping, going to the cinema, surfing the internet, etc.)/ not physically strong enough for sports

2. Compare reading now to the past.

In the past: books were the main source of knowledge/ people went to libraries/ books passed from one generation to another

At present: multimedia is popular/ people watch and listen more than read/ people buy books or read online

3. Where do people often read books?


Places dedicated to reading: library/ reading room – focused/ mostly reading for information and knowledge

Other places: home/ waiting lounge/ bus stop/ café/ park/ beach – comfortable, relaxed/ often reading for pleasure, reading to kill time

4. Why do the elderly prefer the real book while young people like reading online?

Elderly people: unfamiliar with technology/ already in the habit of reading printed books

Young people: tech-savvy/ hectic life/ prefer speedy, convenient access/ almost everyone owns technological devices which allow online reading

5. How is it different when we read books online?

Pros: cheaper, less heavy to carry, fast

Cons: constantly looking at the screen may affect eyesight/ require specially designed devices/ likely to be distracted by other contents on the internet (advertisement, social network or online games notifications)

6. Will reading books be different in the future?

Similar to how it has changed from the past to the present: fewer people will go to libraries or buy printed books/ more online reading using mobile devices

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