Speaking Part 2 Chủ Đề “An Important Job”

Thế nào là một công việc “cao quý” hay “quan trọng” trong xã hội? Nghề nào cũng quan trọng cả! Và một lựa chọn dễ bàn luận cho câu trả lời này thường là giáo viên, bác sĩ, cảnh sát…Bạn sẽ trả lời như thế nào khi gặp câu hỏi về nghề nghiệp như ở part 2 của bài thi nói. Dưới đây là câu trả lời về lĩnh vực IT của một thí sinh đạt 7.0 trong kỳ thi IELTS gần đây.

I believe that IT engineers are critically important and indispensable in every part of the society because the whole country, including various business and non-profit organizations, are running on the IT systems.

To be eligible to work in the IT industry, someone must be good at logical thinking. He must know mathematics backwards and forwards and has an extensive understanding of computer-related background knowledge, such as operating system, program development, network and so on. Besides, he should shoulder the responsibility to develop and maintain the system, making sure it operates smoothly, and can, of course, work under great pressure.

On top of that, the job also requires rich experience so that he can deal with various problems and meet new demands. Therefore, he must immerse himself in the industry for a couple years to accumulate the necessary working ability and experience.

IT engineers need to design, develop the core systems of many other industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing and so on, which heavily rely on their information systems to operate their own business. I guess their systems are the driving force behind their business and so are essentially important to them.

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