Vocabulary about Airports and Air Travel

In today’s lesson, we will learn some vocabulary about airports and air travel. Let’s start with some easy ones: Parts of an airport


a duty-free shop  a shop in an airport where you don’t have to pay taxes on the goods you buy
 a departure lounge  the part of an airport where you wait until you get on the plane
 a runway  the part of an airport, like a road, which planes use when arriving or departing from an airport
 a control tower  the building in an airport which tells planes when it is safe for them to take off and land

Air travel jobs

the cabin crew  the people who look after passengers during a flight
 a baggage handler  a person who is responsible for your luggage, after you check-in, and takes it to the plane
 an immigration officer  a person who checks your visa and passport when you go into a country
 a customs officer  a person who checks you are not trying to bring illegal food, drugs, guns or other items into a country

Things you find on a plane

 a cockpit  the place where the pilots sit to control the plane
 a galley  the area on a plane where the cabin crew prepare meals and store duty-free goods etc.
 a trolley  a small cupboard with wheels. Cabin crews use trolleys to take food and drink to passengers during a flight
 an overhead locker  a storage area above passengers’ heads in a plane
a tray-table a small table that is stored in the back of the seat in front of you on a plane

Verbs about air travel

 to board/ to embark  to go onto a plane at the beginning of the journey
 to disembark  to get off a plane
 to taxi  to move a plane slowly along the ground before or after flying
 to cruise  to fly at a steady speed
to fasten/ unfasten to secure two parts of your seat-belt together/ to untie your seatbelt
to approach (the runway) to fly at slow speed towards the runway
to take off to start flying in the air
to land to bring a plane down to the ground

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