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Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 đã từng yêu cầu miêu tả chi tiết về một trận bóng đá như sau:
“Describe a football match you have watched recently”

Đề tài này thường gây khó cho các bạn nữ vì thể thao nói chung hay bóng đá nói riêng thường không phải là sở thích hay sở trường của các bạn. Hòa cùng không khí rộn ràng của World Cup đang diễn ra trên toàn thế giới, mời các bạn cùng ArrowEnglish tham khảo một bài mẫu miêu tả một trận bóng nhé.

Sample Answer

The football match between the Netherlands and Australia last night was the most exciting match of this World Cup so far.

Both teams started the match rather cautiously as neither team took the initiative to push the tempo high despite the fact that the Dutch team was considered as the overwhelming favorite while the Australians were expected to be employing the full-out attacking strategy since they were in a must-win situation.  However, an ill-timing mistake by an Australian defender resulted in a break-away goal for the Dutch that changed the complexion of the match completely. Being down by 01 goal, the Australians tried to up the tempo by pushing more men forward in hope of finding the equalizing goal. As a result, the match became much more exciting to watch due to the frenetic pace with several heart-stopping attacks and counter-attacks from both teams as the Dutch were willing to commit to being even more offensive rather than playing defensively to protect their lead. This seesaw battle resulted in 3 lead changes as the inspired Australians went ahead 2-1 after leveling the score just minutes after conceiving the first goal to the Dutch. A 3-2 final score capped off a thrilling victory for the Netherlands who are sure now to advance to the knock-out stage.

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1.  Cautiously (adv): in a careful way to avoid potential problems or dangers

2.   Take the initiative (v.phr): to be the first one to do something

3.   Tempo (n): the speed at which an event happens

4.   Full out (n): with maximum effort or power

5.   ill-timing (a): wrong timing

6.   Break-away (a): moving into the lead

7.   Heart-stopping (a): = breath-taking: very exciting

8.   Counter attack (n): an attack made in response to one by an opponent

9.   Seesaw battle (n): a situation characterized by rapid, repeated changes from one state or condition to another

10.  Level the score (v.phr): equalize the score

11.  Cap-off: complete or finish

12.  Advance to (v): to move forward

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