Tự vựng chủ đề “SKY”

Trong bài Tiếng Anh hàng ngày vừa qua, các bạn đã có cơ hội ôn lại cũng như cập nhật thêm vốn từ vựng cho đề tài SPACE. Tuần này, mời các bạn cùng ArrowEnglish chuẩn bị cho đề thi IELTS Speaking part 1 liên quan đến “SKY”.

overcast  covered with cloud; dull
foggy thick cloud close to land 
gloomy dark cloud and dull light; some people consider this weather depressing 
misty  light fog, often on the sea or caused by drizzle 
hazy light mist, usually caused by heat
blowy quite windy
blustery wind blowing in short but strong and frequent bursts
frosty extremely cold
breezy light wind, and is often quite refreshing when the weather is hot

small fluffy clouds  small clouds that do not threaten rain
multitude of stars  many stars 
dark clouds in the horizon threatening weather in the distance
lightning a flash of light in the sky during a storm
puddle a small pool of water on the ground, usually after rain
crystal clear night skies very clear skies at night with excellent visibility
cloudless sky a blue sky without clouds

More vocabulary about the weather, click here for another lesson.

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