‘Wild Tales’ – The prediction or the cause?

Recently the world have seen yet another tragedy where the Germanwings airplane crashed into tha Alps, taking away the lives of 150 people. A couple of days into the investigation, it was concluded that Andreas Lubitz – the flight’s co-pilot – deliberately crashed the plane.

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz – who is believed to have caused the Germanwings tragedy. In this picture, the police is investigating his house. 

According to CNN, authorities have ruled out terrorism and other nefarious motications for this horrible action. Recently, some have also claimed that there might have been a slight connection between this tragedy with ‘Wild Tales‘ – a 2014 black comedy film nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

What does this movie have anything to do with the airplane tragedy? Well, the first story and prologue of ‘Wild Tales’ is called “Pasternak“. It’s about two passengers on a plane discovering that they know a man named Pasternak. The woman was his former girlfriend, and the man was a music critic who savagely reviewed his work. They find out that everybody else on the flight is also connected in some way to Pasternak. It turns out that the whole flight was a trap organized by Pasternak, who was the purser. Pasternak crashed the plane into his parents’ house.

The connection? Pasternak locks the cockpit door, and crashs the plane. And that was exactly how Andreas Lubitz did and crashed the Germanwings plane, killing himself and 149 other people aboard.

Lubitz might have watched ‘Pasternak’ at the theatre, and got ‘inspired’. We will never know if that was what happened, whether ‘Wild Tales‘ was the prediction or the cause of the Germanwings tragedy.

What’s your take on it?

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