Family: vocabulary and useful expression

Here are some useful words and phrases to discuss the family topic in IELTS speaking. Although family is quite common and usually considered an “easy” topic, you do want to impress your examiner with a good range of family vocabulary.
Types of family
First, let’s see which kind of family that you’re from.

First cousin: the son/daughter of your uncle/aunt. Relatives: used to describe the member of your extended family.
Half-brother/sister: a brother/ sister whom you share a parent with.
Step-brother/sister: this brother/ sister has neither parent in common with you.
Mother/father-in-law: the mother/father of your husband/wife.
Family relationship
Those phrasal verbs below if is used smartly could surely help you score in your test.
Family resemblance
In case, you share some common traits with other members of the family. The following expression could come in handy.
Resemble: used to describe physical similarities
Take after: means you look or behave like an older member of the family.
Family idiom
Finally, let’s sum up your answer or talk with one of the following idioms because it’s a plus for your language competency.
Normally, we say “your own flesh and blood” to show talk about a person that you’re related to.
Blood is thicker than water: a saying which means to say family relationships are stronger than any others.
Two peas in a pod: used to say that you’re very much alike to another either in terms of appearance or attitude.

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