Weekend Fun Facts

Crying releases more stress hormones, that is why you feel much better after doing so.

The phrase, “Happy wife, happy life” is scientifically proven; husbands who have happy wives are more satisfied with their lives.

Owning an electric car in Norway grants you free public parking, free ferry trips and the right to drive in bus lanes.

The potato chip was believed to have originated in 1853 when a chef had his fried potatoes sent back by an annoyed customer multiple times because the potatoes were “too thick”. He was fed up, cut the potatoes razor thin, and put extra salt on them. The customer, to his surprise, loved it.

The reason why old books have such a distinct smell is because hundreds of organic compounds in the pages break down over time and release chemicals that smell like almond, vanilla, and grass.

If you step into the Dead Sea and lean back, you’ll float in the water because it’s so buoyant. You pretty much can’t sink in the Dead Sea unless you really, really want to, and even then you’d need something to weigh you down.

Willian Shakespeare added over 1700 words to the English language, such as “torture” and “swagger”.

The Araucana Chicken is also called the “Easter Egg Chicken” because it lays natural blue, green, pink, and brown eggs.

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