Đề thi viết IELTS Task 2: freetime at shopping malls

Cùng trở lại với chuyên đề giải bài thi cùng ARROWENGLISH các bạn nha. Bên dưới là 1 chủ đề khá thú vị vầ gần gũi với chúng ta, liên quan đến việc giới trẻ dành quá nhiều thời gian cho việc dạo chơi ở các trung tâm mua sắm.

Để giúp bạn nắm rõ bài hơn, ad có đưa ra 1 bài viết của 1 bạn học sinh tại trung tâm. Các bạn cùng xem thử và so sánh với bài của mình nhé!

Tuần sau ad sẽ đăng bài này lại để xem thử giáo viên sửa thế nào và bạn ấy có thể hướng đến mức điểm bao nhiêu nha!

Nowadays young people spend too much of their freetime in shopping malls. Some fear that this will have a negative impact on young people and the society they live in.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Young generations in modern days seem to waste plenty of their time in shopping centers. A few argue that this habit of theirs is going to have an unbeneficial influence on them and the community on the whole, and I totally support this view.

First and foremost, spending too much time at these places could eventually make them neglect their studies and responsibilities. Browsing for hours every looking at clothes and other eye-catching items prevents youngsters from fulfilling their tasks both at home and at school. This would gradually lea to the decrease in their academic performance as well as familial issues.

In addition, long time spent on those premises tends to encourage young adults to develop a habit of spending carelessly and lavishly. Majority of the customers at those malls are from the upper class. They usually purchase whatever that they find easy on the eye without paying attention to the actual cost. Witnessing that often could slowly establish the similar mindset in the youth, too.

Last but not least, individuals who spend time in the commercial centers tend to care more about appearance and lose sight of the importance of cultivating their personality. Customers visit the malls are often well dressed in branded goods. They present themselves in a luxurious way. They don’t tend to care about individual’s character, but what they wear. Hence, imitating this will surely cause people to have shallow mentality, which in turn decreases the values in society.

All in all, devoting a huge amount of time in the shopping centers could lead to several consequences to both young individuals and society on the whole.

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