IELTS Part 2 Successful Business

Cùng tham khảo và chuẩn bị tốt cho chủ đề “business” nhé! Đây là 1 trong những chủ đề được hỏi trong năm nay và có tần suất lặp lại khá cao trong những năm vừa qua.

 Talk about a small but successful company

You should say:

What it is

What business the company does

How did you know about the company

And also explain why this company is successful

July 11 2015

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Part 3 Discussion

1. Which is the main type of company in your country?

2. What types of companies have recently been established?

3. What are the problems that a small businesses has to face?

4. Do you think small business is likely to be replaced by bigger cooperation in the future?

5. Why do some people decide to set up their own business?

6. Why does small business often fail in its early stage?

7. What measures could be taken to prevent this failure?


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