Describe a film or a Cafe

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Enjoy watching film at Galaxy or sipping a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks and remember your topics as well.

In part 2 of the IELTS speaking test, you might have to describe your favourite film, a film that you did not find interesting or a cafe you like

Let’s take a look at cue cards and follow-up questions

Ex 1:

Describe a cafe that you like to visit a lot. Please say

– Where it is located
– Why you like it
– How often you visit it


– Is a cafe a good place to meet people?
– Compare a cafe and a restaurant, what are the differences?
– Do you like to meet with your friends at home or outside?

Ex 2:

Describe a film based on a real life event or a real person. Please say

– When you saw it
– you like it or not and Why
– What you learnt from the movie


– In your country what kind of real people are filmed in movies?
– What do you think is better: to read a book or to see a movie based on a book?
– What are the most important things to make a movie successful?
– Do you think the star acting in the movie influences the success of the movie? Why?

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