Bài giải mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2: Advertising

Chủ đề về “advertising” nhìn qua thì khá dễ và thân thuộc nhưng khá khó để phát triển ý và đạt điểm cao. Bên dưới là 1 một bài mẫu điểm cao (7.5) mà Arrowenglish đã thu thập.

Nowadays there are a lot of advertisements on television and on the streets. Some people think that advertising boosts the sales of goods and encourages people to buy things unnecessarily. This argument may be true. In my country, many advertising companies produce advertisements with celebrities. People, especially youngsters, buy goods that their favorite idols advertise, although they do not really need the products.

Also, on the television, a product may seem appealing with good quality. As a result, people often buy goods without much consideration. Consumers may not actually need those but they buy them impulsively soon after they see the advertising. Furthermore, as many customers buy a particular product due to its advertising campaign, others may be affected by the trend, even if the product is not a real need for them.

On the other hand, there are various aspects against these arguments. Moreover, it is people’s choice to make a decision to buy goods. Advertising may not be a course of customer’s buying habits. Individuals have their own spending habits. If they have got enough disposable income, then the right to make a decision is given to them. No one actually judges whether the goods sold are the real needs of the society of not.

In addition, as there should be a limited amount of disposable income consumers are able to spend, people try to allocate their budgets. They cannot be simply swayed by those advertisements.

In conclusion, as customers have their own strong opinions and standards of good quality goods; it is better to leave them to make their own decision in buying goods. It is fairly difficult to say everyone is swayed by advertising and buying goods impulsively. However, in other sensitive area of business such as industries, it may be necessary to ban advertising to children since they have not got enough ability to control themselves or to know what they truly need.


1. boost (v) to make something increase, or become better or more successful

2. celebrity (n) a famous person

3. consideration (n) the act of thinking carefully about something

4. customer (n) a person who buys something from a shop/store

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