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Tuy là một trong những chủ đề điển hình thuộc nhóm Places Description của IELTS Speaking Part 2, “historical building” vẫn thường gây bối rối cho các bạn thí sinh, đặc biệt những ai ít quan tâm đến kiến trúc và lịch sử. Hôm nay chúng ta hãy cùng ArrowEnglish chuẩn bị sẵn sàng cho topic “lạ mà quen” này bằng một bài mẫu nói về Văn Miếu nhé.

Và cũng đừng quên tham khảo full test liên quan đển chủ đề này nhé!

Well, the historical building I had a chance to visit is the Temple of Literature, which is one of the most famous old structures in Vietnam, and a must-see travel destination for almost all visitors who arrive in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

The temple was built in 1070 at the time of King Ly Thanh Tong. Then, it was reconstructed during the Tran dynasty (1225 – 1400) and in subsequent dynasties.

The temple is located to the south of Thang Long Citadel. It was originally built as a university dedicated to Confucius, scholars, and sages. This building is extremely well preserved and is a superb example of traditional-style Vietnamese architecture. Despite wars and disasters, the ancient architectural styles of many dynasties as well as precious relics can easily be seen. It shows one of the most typical architectural styles
in Vietnam, composed of wood and tiles. Along the paths are hundred-year-old trees that have witnessed ups and downs of history.

I’d like to talk about the Temple of Literature for a few reasons. Firstly, the Temple of Literature is an amazing and magnificent building. It is one of several temples in Vietnam with “Quoc Tu Giam” or the Imperial Academy, which was built inside the temple. The stone statues and inscriptions dotted throughout the temple still retain many of their original features as the most renowned landmark of academia in Vietnam. I’ve been there once to visit and explore the Vietnam’s first national university. Visiting the Temple of Literature, which has now become a memorial to education and literature, I have discovered historical buildings in a revered place that saw thousands of doctors graduate.

Besides, I also feel that the Temple of Literature is the symbol of Vietnamese culture. Originally the university only accepted aristocrats, the elite, and royal family members as students before eventually opening its doors to brighter “commoners”. Successful graduates had their names engraved on a stelewhich can be found on top of the stone turtles. That’s why we’re all proud of this ancient structure.

This historical site is ranked as one of Hanoi’s most important cultural places and is steeped in Vietnamese history. I’m convinced that if you ever go there, you’ll definitely be impressed and amazed. Those are the reasons why when it comes to old buildings, the Temple of Literature is the first one that comes up into my mind.

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