Bài giải gợi ý IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe an Environmental Law

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Even though living in big city like Ho Chi Minh offers several benefits, many matters need to be addressed to make it an ideal place to stay in. However, the most urgent issue is the lack of trees in the city. So if there’s a law that should be implemented I think it’s tree planting.

This law should be observed by everyone in the city. According to which, each family should plant at least 10 trees at their home or in the park, any kinds they want. The government and enforcing authority should keep an eye on the city dwellers and take suitable measures against those who disobey the law. Rules and regulations about planting trees will benefit not only each individual but also the city as a whole. Ho Chi Minh City is more and more crowded, thus there’s a lack of space for parks which are the main habitat for trees in cities. People should cover their balcony and terrace or wherever possible with plants. They could also grow organic veggie or flowers besides long-period plants.

To have this law implemented, both central government and local authority have to work hand in hand. To successfully carry out this law, 2 stages are involved: trial and implementation. The public need to familiarize themselves with the rules and get to know what punishment they possibly get if they don’t follow it, before it’s made official.

Unlike other rules and regulations, I believe this law will be put in practice smoothly. That’s because it‘s going to bring about immediate benefits to everyone and other generations to come.

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