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Mobile phones and the Internet have made it easier to stay in contact with other people. However, as a lot time is spent using telephones and computers, there is less face-to-face contact and direct communication.
Is the growing use of communications technology a positive or a negative development for society?

The rapid development of technology of communications technology has had a significant impact on society. There are both positive and negative sides to this, but the problem lies in the way this technology is used rather than in the technology itself.

Mobile phones and email make it possible to contact a person even when you do not know where they are. This allows for greater flexibility in people’s lives, which opens up opportunities for individuals and for society. Families and friends can chat or write to each other anywhere on the planet with little or no cost. In addition, a mobile phone can be used to get help immediately and save someone’s life in an emergency.

A downside is that some people have become addicted to their screens. While spending time with other people, they continually send texts on their mobile phones or are focused on their laptop computers and so do not give their full attention to the people around them. A text message or email is often superficial, unlike the potentially more genuine and personal nature of face-to-face communication. Some people may come to feel more comfortable communicating through devices rather than by talking to a person next to them.

The immediacy of this technology has also increased the pace of life and invaded people’s privacy. A quick response is expected to an email and you may never be free of the demands of an employer, so that you may have less time to relaxed. Some people may even invent multiple identities online, which can be used to deceive others.
Modern technology clearly brings both advantages and disadvantages for society, so it is up to people to use technology to their own benefit and to help society rather than to be enslaved by it.

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