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Daily Horoscope Readings

Daily Horoscope Readings

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March 21 - April 20

Promoting personal ideas in a subtle way could lead to some dynamic results. You feel cool, calm and collected and should wait for the right moment to bring up some of your more advanturous thoughts. Patience is your greatest ally if you're trying to better your prospects or make a name for yourself.


April 21 - May 

Make good use of your personal popularity to offset any family confusion or domestic problems. Any uncertainty will be temporary and domestic harmony will soon be restored. Attempts to get others to agree to changes you're thinking about will succeed better if you wait a few days before broaching the subject.


May 22 - June 22

A creative project could lead to an excellent moneymaking opportunity. An agent is impressedd by your talents. Generating a profit from your creative skills will be exciting. Trust your instinct when dealing with a powerful executive and put a moneymaking idea to the test. Telling it like it could pay off in good publicity.


June 23 - July 23

Your winning ways could win you a job offer or a respected teacher will take you under their wing. Under their expert guidance you'll gain knowledge of a fascinating subject. Give your innate talent the time they deserve. In the workplace, subtle and sophisticated tactics will be the most successful.


July 24 - August 23

Someone might warn you not to jump in where Angels fear to fly. They have your best interests at heart. If you get in over your head despite this warning, don't expect a friend, a partner or business colleague to bail you out. Instead of rushing into anything, wade into it slowly.

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Popular Superstitions around the World

Popular Superstitions around the World

Superstitions can be defined as, "irrational beliefs, especially with regard to the unknown" (Collins English Dictionary)

They cause us to act in strange ways, believe in odd things and leave us unable to tell why.

Many superstitions may seem silly, even stupid to us today, but they continue to influence our behavior.

Be it an old-fashioned villager or an intellectual city dweller, you're often influenced by these weird believes and subconsciously act in ways that you can't often explain.

Below are some of the most popular superstitions around the world.

1. Four-leaf clover

four-leaf clove
Though the origin of wishing over a four-leaf clover is lost to antiquity it has long been a symbol of good luck and fortune. It has also been used in some traditions for finding a husband or a wife. The way this works is by first finding a four leaf clover; if you happen to find one, you must then eat it or put it inside your shoe...but eating is more fun). After this, the luck powers will activate and the first person you come contact after the activation will be your future mate. Word of warning, stay clear of anyone you don't want as a future mate.

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Ever wondered where your air hostess sleeps?

Ever wondered where your air hostess sleeps?

Sleeping on the job isn't encouraged in most workplaces, but for a flight attendant on a long-haul flight, it's a must. Have you ever asked yourself where your flight attendants sleep? Now, we know where they do, at least on certain aircrafts.

On the as-designed Boeing 787 Dreamliner, flight attendants can duck into a secret room to go to bed. The quarters actually look rather spacious and comfy, sadly I don't think we would ever get the chance to see them in person.

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How well do you know our country - Vietnam?

Do you have any plan for the vacation at the end of April?

Vietnam is a small country but has a lot of amazing landscapes and delicious food that are usually ranked high positions on the world's list of best travel destinations.

Have you ever travelled to these places and enjoyed its beauty?

Phu Quoc

Long beach was voted to be one of the world's most pristine and beautiful beaches (Concierge and ABC News Australia). Coming to this spot, you will meet a surprised attraction as the wonderful harmony of the tranquil space and peaceful landscapes which bring to you the relaxation and relief. Situated on Phu Quoc Island 15km long to the northwest, the Beach has not affected by the human beings' deployment, so it keeps the natural beauty and attraction that is deserved to be one of the most fascinating paradise possessing the warm sunshine, crystal sapphire water and smooth long beach for tourists coming and enjoying.


Hoi An

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Những thành phố "fan" ruột của "street food" không thể bỏ qua!

Những thành phố "fan" ruột của "street food" không thể bỏ qua!

Một trong những hoạt động không thể thiếu trong "to-do-list" của bất kỳ ai khi đi du lịch đó là thưởng thức những món ăn đường phố không chỉ hấp dẫn mà còn thể hiện bản sắc văn hóa đặc trưng của đất nước mà chúng ta ghé thăm. Cùng điểm một số thành phố nổi tiếng với "street food", điểm đến mà nhiều người sẽ lựa chọn khi quyết định du lịch.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Virtual Tourists ranks Thailand's capital no. 1 "for the variety of locations and abundance of options". Hot spots include the U-sahped lane Soi Rambuttri off Khao San Road near the temple Wat Chana Songkhram, and Soi 38 near Sukhumvit road. Look for green papaya salad, chicken in green curry, pad Thai and mango sticky rice for sensuous finish to your journey.


2. Singapore

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'Wild Tales' - The prediction or the cause?

'Wild Tales' - The prediction or the cause?

Recently the world have seen yet another tragedy where the Germanwings airplane crashed into tha Alps, taking away the lives of 150 people. A couple of days into the investigation, it was concluded that Andreas Lubitz - the flight's co-pilot - deliberately crashed the plane. 

AE-news-Germanwings-Andreas-LubitzCo-pilot Andreas Lubitz - who is believed to have caused the Germanwings tragedy. In this picture, the police is investigating his house. 

According to CNN, authorities have ruled out terrorism and other nefarious motications for this horrible action. Recently, some have also claimed that there might have been a slight connection between this tragedy with 'Wild Tales' - a 2014 black comedy film nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards. 

What does this movie have anything to do with the airplane tragedy? Well, the first story and prologue of 'Wild Tales' is called "Pasternak". It's about two passengers on a plane discovering that they know a man named Pasternak. The woman was his former girlfriend, and the man was a music critic who savagely reviewed his work. They find out that everybody else on the flight is also connected in some way to Pasternak. It turns out that the whole flight was a trap organized by Pasternak, who was the purser. Pasternak crashed the plane into his parents' house.

AE news-german-wings

The connection? Pasternak locks the cockpit door, and crashs the plane. And that was exactly how Andreas Lubitz did and crashed the Germanwings plane, killing himself and 149 other people aboard. 

Lubitz might have watched 'Pasternak' at the theatre, and got 'inspired'. We will never know if that was what happened, whether 'Wild Tales' was the prediction or the cause of the Germanwings tragedy. 

What's your take on it?


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