Sample answer for IELTS WRITING TASK 2: The world of work is rapidly changing

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future of work

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The workplace is shifting quickly, and the labor force cannot rely on following the same work routines or staying in the same working environment. This essay aims to discuss the reasons for this trend and suggest some suitable remedies for it. 

Two obvious explanations for the ever-evolving workplaces are technological advancement and cultural diversity. Firstly, more and more tech products are emerging with better features and functions to facilitate daily tasks and guarantee faster results, so many jobs have been upgraded and demanded workers to familiarize themselves with the operation of new software and machines. For example, instead of being physically present at a meeting, people are now required to run advanced applications such as Zoom to conduct conferences and training online. Secondly, globalization has prompted businesses to establish a relationship with foreign partners, which necessitates changes in communication to avoid cultural conflicts. One illustration can be the formal way people need to address their new superior who comes from a high power distance culture. 

modern workplace

Needless to say, it is necessary to take actions to help people deal with rapid transformations in their future job. One approach is for educational institutions to predict and inform their students of the possible developments in the labor market and the economy so that they can become more receptive to new working dynamics and devise a subsequent plan for acquiring new skills to make themselves relevant. Another way is for business owners to create the expectation of ongoing change with both current and potential employees. For instance, during training or monthly meetings, the staff should be notified of any impending implementation of new business practices or computer programs so that self-improvement can be carried out well in advance. 

In conclusion, technological growth and international cooperation are clearly factors that lead to swift changes in the world of work, but with proper attention and actions, people can adapt and thrive in their career. 


Sau khi đọc sample, các bạn nên làm các bước sau để có thể hiểu rõ cấu trúc và cách triển khai ý:

1) Viết lại outline đơn giản của bài viết (Mở bài, 2 thân bài và kết bài trình bày nội dung gì?)

2) Ghi chú các từ/ cụm từ dùng để liên kết ý (Sequence words)

3) Ghi chú từ vựng và cấu trúc các bạn tâm đắc. 

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