BÀI VIẾT MẪU IELTS WRITING TASK 2: ĐẦU TƯ THÁM HIỂM KHÔNG GIAN (Space exploration) - Arrowenglish Trung tâm luyện thi IELTS

space exploration

Dạng đề Agree/Disagree vốn đã khó vì phần triển khai 2 đoạn thân bài phải ‘tới nơi tới chốn’ để thuyết phục người đọc, đằng này lại còn xoay quanh chủ đề ‘space exploration’ nữa. Cùng xem bài mẫu để xem Ms. Thảo Lê ‘giải cứu’ đề bài này như thế nào.

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Từ nối và các ví dụ minh họa trong IELTS WRITING - Arrowenglish trung tâm luyện thi IELTS

Tu noi IELTS va vi du IELTS Essays IELTS WRITING Arrowenglish luyen thi IELTS

Khi viết essays, đặc biệt cho bài thi IELTS, sử dụng nhuần nhuyễn các từ nối rất hiệu quả khi bạn ‘phô bày’ các kỹ thuật viết câu cho giám khảo. Thường thì các bài viết tốt là các bài có nhiều loại câu – đơn, ghép, phức, và các mệnh đề kết nối với nhau bằng từ nối linh hoạt. Hãy cùng Arrowenglish xem qua một vài từ nối phổ biến và ví dụ minh họa để áp dụng vào bài viết nhé!

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Bài viết mẫu chủ đề "travelling"

Chủ đề writing tuần này hẳn là "bắt trúng mạch" các tín đồ du lịch rồi đây! Cùng tham khảo một bài viết mẫu chất lượng cao từ ArrowEnglish nhé!


While books, films and especially the internet are excellent sources and also the quickest way to help people discover and learn about a new culture, they are not comparable to the actual experience of travelling to and living at that place for an extended period of time. The following essay aims to prove such claim.

It is undeniable that the information depicted in books, films and on the internet is plentiful and rich in describing a certain target culture. One can easily get a fairly good glimpse of what the place and its native people look like, and what they customarily do as a reflection of their unique culture through the images portrayed in such sources. However, that is as far as one can claim he or she knows about that culture.

It takes more than being able to describe certain geographical features, the people, and some popular practices and rituals of an indigenous place to truly claim one understands that culture. One must instead be able to discover why things and people look the way they are, and why such traditional practices and rituals are performed and honoured.

Moreover, what can never be conveyed or captured in books, films, or the internet are the emotional values and their significance to the native people behind each and every so-called “bizarre” cultural practice or ritual that might puzzle anyone reading about or seeing it in books or films. It takes being there to experience a deeper personal connection and gain an understanding of a culture one is fascinated with, beyond one’s normal senses and intuition.

Therefore, unless certain constraints such as financial ability and time affordability force people to resort to quickly and easily accessible resources such as books, films and the internet to learn about a new culture they are intrigued with, the most fulfilling way to discover a new culture is to travel to that place and open themselves up to fully experience all what it has to offer. It is as rewarding as it is fascinating.

(336 words)

Special thanks to Mr. Nghi

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Bài giải IELTS Speaking chủ đề "important letter"

Một lá thư quan trọng” là lá thư như thế nào? Nó có thể được viết bởi một người quan trọng, hoặc mang đến cho bạn một tin tức quan trọng. Cùng ArrowEnglish tham khảo bài nói sau đây về lá thư báo tin trúng tuyển nhé! Ngoài việc được gợi ý cách trả lời cho đề Speaking tuần này, bạn còn học được nhiều từ vựng liên quan đến “education” và “studying abroad” nữa đấy.

Well, a letter I once received was the offer from the University of Manchester last month, which was very meaningful and exciting for me.

When I decided to study overseas, Manchester was my first choice simply because I am a die-hard fan of Manchester United, and I was dreaming of having a chance to watch a football game at Old Trafford, which is the home court of MU. And so I began the laborious preparation. I collected all the required information, including my undergraduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, my personal statement, my study plan, and some other things. It took me a month to do that, and I realized that studying overseas was not as easy as I thought. After sending my application package, I waited in anxiety.

Then, one day on a weekend, while checking the mails left on our kitchen table, I found my conditional offer from UM. Needless to say how excited it made me; I almost jumped for joy! There were lots of details in this offer, for example schedules, tuition fees, and subjects. I had a strong feeling that my efforts had paid off. Meanwhile, knowing that only when I got an IELTS certificate with a score of 6.5 could I get my full offer, I made up my mind that I would try my best to improve my English as quickly as possible. The letter strongly motivated me and I firmly believe my dream will come true one day.


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Speaking Part 2 Chủ Đề "An Important Job"

Thế nào là một công việc "cao quý" hay "quan trọng" trong xã hội? Nghề nào cũng quan trọng cả! Và một lựa chọn dễ bàn luận cho câu trả lời này thường là giáo viên, bác sĩ, cảnh sát...Bạn sẽ trả lời như thế nào khi gặp câu hỏi về nghề nghiệp như ở part 2 của bài thi nói. Dưới đây là câu trả lời về lĩnh vực IT của một thí sinh đạt 7.0 trong kỳ thi IELTS gần đây.


I believe that IT engineers are critically important and indispensable in every part of the society because the whole country, including various business and non-profit organizations, are running on the IT systems.

To be eligible to work in the IT industry, someone must be good at logical thinking. He must know mathematics backwards and forwards and has an extensive understanding of computer-related background knowledge, such as operating system, program development, network and so on. Besides, he should shoulder the responsibility to develop and maintain the system, making sure it operates smoothly, and can, of course, work under great pressure.

On top of that, the job also requires rich experience so that he can deal with various problems and meet new demands. Therefore, he must immerse himself in the industry for a couple years to accumulate the necessary working ability and experience.

IT engineers need to design, develop the core systems of many other industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing and so on, which heavily rely on their information systems to operate their own business. I guess their systems are the driving force behind their business and so are essentially important to them.

(Source: Internet)

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Environmental Problems: Đề Thi IELTS Tại VN Tháng 7.2014

Các vấn đề về môi trường luôn là chủ đề "hot" trên nhiều diễn đàn quốc tế. Bảo vệ môi trường là trách nhiệm của mỗi cá nhân hay của nhà nước và các tổ chức? Ý kiến của bạn về đề tài này như thế nào? ArrowEnglish gửi tặng các bạn bài viết mẫu bên dưới cho đề thi IELTS tại VN tháng 7/2014 vừa qua.

Topic: Some people think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve while others believe individuals can also do something to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Although the majority of the general public concede and have genuine concern for the present environmental problems, our opinions differ when it comes to who should ultimately be responsible for addressing these problems as some believe such problems are beyond individuals' ability to resolve while others think otherwise. Personally, I strongly believe each of us, seperately and collectively can proactively contribute to the cause of preventing or at least alleviating these on-going problems.

Environmental problems are, without any question, global problems in terms of severity and implication. Therefore, it is rather easy for some to think there is little they can do individually to make any meaningful impact on the dire problems even if they want to, and only the government and other worldly organizations can take appropriate measures to combat these problems. This misconception, sadly, represents the opinion of a significant proportion of the public, which only helps worsen the situation.

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