Bài giải mẫu chủ đề: Describe a speech you have attended or listened to

Bài giải mẫu chủ đề: Describe a speech you have attended or listened to

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 Describe a speech you have attended or listened to

 You should say:

        What the speech was

        When you heard it

        What it was about

And also say whether you enjoyed the speech



Among the numerous talks I’ve seen on YouTube, “How to speak so people want to listen” is probably the most inspiring.

I first saw this talk in 2013. It was presented by a British speaker whose name is Julian Treasure. The speech was rather short – only about 10 minutes – but if people could apply its principles, then that would surely improve their life.

At the beginning, the presenter advised the listener to stay away from some deadly habits that would kill any conversations, including: gossiping, judging, negativity, and so on. Besides, he also encouraged the audience to keep the HAIL factors in mind while communicating with others. That means we should speak with Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love.

After that he proceeded to talk about how the use of voice, intonation and pauses could make anyone’s talk appealing yet powerful. And at the end of it, he demonstrated a small exercise to warm up our voice before giving any short talks or any formal speeches.
I personally love this talk because I feel like I’ve learnt so much from it. I’ve spoken with more mindfulness ever since I watched this interesting speech. I bet those are the reasons why I keep going back to this meaningful talk whenever I can to remind myself about the importance of words.

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