Câu trả lời hay cho chủ đề gia đình - Family

Câu trả lời hay cho chủ đề gia đình - Family

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Trong phần 1 của bài thi nói IELTS, "family" luôn là 1 trong những chủ đề thường được hỏi nhiều nhất.Vậy nên các bạn hãy cùng ArrowEnglish chuẩn bị tốt câu trả lời cho phần này nhé! Tại sao phải vậy? Bởi vì "well begun is half done" mà. :)

1. Do you come from a big or small family?

I’m from a nuclear family of 6 members, so it isn’t very small but it’s not big either. There’re my parents, three siblings and me.

2. What does your family do together?

My families are rather busy during the days; however, we manage to spare time to eat dinner and watch news together in the evening.

3. Who does the housework in your family?

Well, my mom is the one who shoulders most of the house chores. However, my dad’s very caring and understanding so he helps mom whenever he can.

4. Which family member are you closest to in your family?

Even though I love each and every member in my family, I adore my father the most. We always get along very well, and he has way too many interesting stories to tell me when we’re together.

5. Would you like to have a bigger or smaller family?

I prefer to have smaller family because my family is too big so I don’t think we could look after everyone. Some might feel neglected and that’s not good.

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