Bài viết mẫu task 2 chủ đề "Khoa Học"

Bài viết mẫu task 2 chủ đề "Khoa Học"

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A decline in in science education enrolments has occurred in many nations around the world. This essay will discuss the reasons and the implications of this trend for society.

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There are two possible deterrents to the uptake of science among students. Firstly, the general conception of the nature of science subjects may be responsible for this situation. Many students consider mathematics, chemistry and physics to be difficult and become increasingly complex. Compared to humanities courses, science ones give lower grades since clear-cut answers allow no extra points for flair. The science lessons also build on one another, so students who fail to absorb key ideas in one class will flounder in the next. Secondly, students' growing indifference to science is the result of the supposed irrelevance of science education to students’ life. Students are required to memorize reams of facts and unable to comprehend the application of such theories to real life. They also lack the exposure to detailed career information relating to science fields such as pay scales, job descriptions, routes to employment, and the range of professions available.


Two impacts of this phenomenon on the community are easily detected. One obvious consequence is the inadequate labor market. To be specific, in many companies or factories, a shortage of employees with high levels of knowledge in science such as biochemists, mechanical engineers and statisticians leads to project failures or work delays. Businesses are compelled to allocate funds for retraining unskilled and unqualified staff, thus wasting time and resources. Another negative effect is that there will be fewer innovations that help bolster the economy. Lower numbers of science majors mean fewer attempts to pursue scientific research that has given birth to many inventions such as genetically modified food, new sources of energy and robots.
In conclusion, many factors such as the complex nature of science subjects and their lack of real-life application contribute to the declining appetite for them, which would lead to a shortage of skilled workforce and fewer new inventions.

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