Sample answer for IELTS Part 2: Book

Sample answer for IELTS Part 2: Book

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As promised, here is Arrowenglish sample for reference about topic book in IELTS part 2.

Describe a book you have read


I wasn't a book lover when I was a child, but that was changed overnight when I entered college. I guess being lonely forced me to seek comfort in reading books. Among the plenty of those I've read, the one I enjoyed the most was "The Little Prince" which is written by a French author, namely Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

I first encountered "The Little Prince" when I was a fresher at university. In fact, it was a birthday gift ,when I turned 21, from my hostel roommate. Though I'm sure I didnt get the whole story at that time, I still enjoyed every bit of it. I remembered finishing the book in one and a half hours straight.

"The Little Prince" is a short novel, initially written for children. However, I believe this book is suitable for all other ages, especially the adults. It is such a great book that has been translated into more than 250 languages.

The plot of this book is not only interesting but also very touching. It talks about the encounter between the little prince and the author himself - a pilot, when his plane badly crashed into Sahara Desert. After their meeting the prince unfolded his story, mainly about the unique rose on his planet and how she was the prime reason for his travelling through several asteroids. Even though the novel is simple, it manages to expose the absurdity in the world of adults, about their obsession with power, admiration and "numbers".

I can still recall the excitement I got while reading this book. It is so sweet yet reflects earnestly about our world. And despite the fact that I have read it more than a handful of times, I'm still planning to pursue it again as soon as I get time.

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